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Prison & Jail VISITOR Vending

MICROTRONIC US offers an "offline" jail vending system that is mostly geared for Visitors but we are also fully integrated with the ATG Offender Management Suite. If you're looking for a cashless prison vending system with no fees and no moving parts, we've got the solution for you.  We can integrate with any Management Suite, just ask.  In most facilities, all payment equipment is purchased by the vending machine operator or state owned.  Our system will work on existing vending equipment.

Jail Vending Systems

MICROTRONIC US has one of the best, most efficient, and most economical jail and prison cashless vending system in the market today. Our system can be used for both inmate and/or visitor vending. We understand that cash needs to be kept out of the jail or prison, so we offer a range of equipment, along with optional choices to help you get the most of your system.  Removal of changers/token machines cut down service calls dramatically.

Cashless Transactions Made Easy

Consumers come in to registration, purchase a card from the Card Dispenser and load the card using cash or, where allowed, a debit or credit card.  Our card is the only thing they take into the visitation area and can be used on our vending machine readers. All readers are "offline," so they cannot be hacked, and they read and write by directly interfacing with the card. Reports provide full accountability of both sales and loads using a small Statistic Key.

MICROpay6 MIFARE® Reader

The MICROpay6 MIFARE® Reader works with MDB and DEX transfer using USB, or a Fob. It can be used in a standalone system and provides enormous reporting facilities and allows for excellent vending. 

Offline reader, Online reader, NFC, Mifare

MIFARE® MBH Reader Antenna

The MBH Reader Antenna is mounted on the outside of the Vending Machine, typically in the knock-out plate, though it can be mounted directly on the machine. The installation requires four small holes and one medium hole drilled into the plate or the machine, but we recommend our pre-drilled knock-out plate.

Mifare MBH Reader Antenna

Loading Station

The Loading Station allows users to add funds to their card using cash, up to a predetermined Maximum balance. A Credit Card reader can be added to allow loading with a predetermined swipe amount. Typically $10 which cuts credit card fees to a minimum.  This is used mostly for Visitor Vending.  Loads are quick and the balance shows in the display.

Cash only Loading Station


Card Dispenser

The Card Dispenser can be specially programmed for any dollar amount you wish to charge for the cards. The cards can be empty or preloaded with a set amount, and the graphics can be customized to suit you. The dispenser is a Front Load, 1-Bin card dispenser that holds up to 130 cards and has a stacker capacity of 500 bills. A 1,000-note stacker is an optional add-on and is most commonly used in visitor vending.

Card Dispenser

Transfer Station

The Microtronic Transfer Station will allow users of current card or key systems to seamlessly transfer balances to the Microtronic Card. The Transfer Station is shipped prepared for the operator to install an existing Vending Reader into the open hole and our reader will do the rest. Simply place media into the old reader and then place a Microtronic Card to our reader and the balance will transfer. No need to give refunds or tie up personnel.  It can be converted to a Loading Station when transfer is no longer needed.

Transfer Station

Data Carrier Card

The U-CARD MIFARE® is a multipurpose data carrier in a credit card-style format. It offers a range of applications with virtually unlimited possibilities. These might include corporate ID badges with multiple identification possibilities, such as pictures, logos, signatures, fingerprints, barcodes, magnetic swipes, or an HID interface. This can be done at our office or with the purchase of a complete ID package.

U-Wristband MIFARE®

The U-Wristband MIFARE® is a wearable, waterproof wristband. It's made from 100% silicone and embedded with an NFC transponder. Choose from three sizes and 20 attractive colors, and if you like, you can mold or screen print your own custom logo on it.


Microtronic Systems Are Active In:

  • Los Angeles County Jail System, CA
  • Marshall County Correctional, MS
  • SCI Chester, PA
  • Sterling Correctional Facility, CO
  • Tennessee Business Enterprises
  • Federal Prisons In Iowa

Jail Vending Brochure

Point of Sale Solutions

We offer compact POS with touchscreen, built-in customer screen and printer along with our MIFARE reader. Unlimited inventory items in your own database. It can work offline or online with an optional Credit card reader.

POS, Mifare POS, Point of Sale, Cafeteria

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