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MICROTRONIC offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software to meet your cashless system requirements. MICROTRONIC RFID cardholders can make payment for goods and services using their card or other media.  MICROTRONIC hardware can be used to control just about anything that requires payment to operate. Cardholders can pay for vending, laundry, photocopying or PoS transactions. Cardholders can add account credit online using our MICROTRONIC  Netweb -  web based payment module. MICROTRONIC cardholders can also use their cards to access parking, rooms and facilities that they are authorized to do so. Best of all the MICROTRONIC technology allows system managers to control and monitor all aspects of the system using MICROTRONIC sophisticated EVA Process software package. 

Managing cash often means adopting a “closed-loop” architecture when it comes to designing a cash-management process.  When MICROTRONIC speaks of a “closed-loop” cash-management process, we refer to a system whereby the operator is able to maintain full control of the cash from the moment it is received from the customer to the point at which it is physically deposited into the operator’s bank account. With a closed-loop system in place, exposure to elements that would threaten the cash – open safes or dishonest employees, for example – is limited, at best, or eliminated altogether.  Ask us about how we can help you keep the money you work so hard for!
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About Us

MICROTRONIC US is a distributor of the MICROTRONIC Electronic System in the United States. This system is the forefront leader in Prepaid Cashless and Access Control Technology and was developed in Switzerland over 30 years ago. It has been used extensively for years with tremendous success. MICROTRONIC is the #1 Prepaid vending solution provider throughout Europe.

MICROTRONIC Electronic System is an electronic cash - "Prepaid" system in a microchip.  It also provides full credit/debit card functionality within the Loading Station. The system is based on an open architecture platform that allows for the customer's card or selected media  to be used with multiple applications, including Access Control. The intelligence in the MICROTRONIC System is between the readers and the cards. The points of payment are virtually unlimited and the system can grow as additional machines are required. This feature allows you to meet your requirements of today while allowing for future expansion and growth, tomorrow.

MICROTRONIC  started out as a vending company, but became inherently aware of the need for a Prepaid system in the vending industry.  They already had a team of technical engineers to pursue this technology and developed it from the ground up.  They later sold off the vending side to focus full attention on Cashless / Contactless applications, which are still evolving and developing into a larger variety of customized features.  They continue to employee 20 of the original team members in Switzerland.

European Success

MICROTRONIC has a 20+ year relationship with Selecta, the largest vending operator in Europe. MICROTRONIC is their exclusive cashless vending solution provider. MICROTRONIC also has an exclusive relationship with the second largest European vend operator, cafe+co.

Sodexho Europe was the 1st to incorporate the telemetry solution in their business - allowing complete access control to all sales throughout their region. MasterCard Europe has launched their first cashless vending projects with the MICROTRONIC PayPass system based on the EMVco Contactless standard.

Olympic History

MICROTRONIC has participated with Coca Cola and the International Olympic Committee in the 2004 and 2006 Olympic Games to supply all the athletes and officials free drinks with our Coca Cola Flex-Tag in Free Vend Prepaid Cashless mode, while everyone else had to pay using cash.
Flex Tag Coca Cola
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